Goddamn Amendment 1 in North Carolina

Are you fucking serious? 

First off, there’s FAR worse things than allowing same-sex marriages to occur in your beloved East Coast state. For instance, I heard, particularly in the Southern region, that some people enjoy marrying and fucking their first and second cousins, which doesn’t sound appealing at all to me, but it’s morally okay by the government. 

Secondly, think of all the tax revenue that your state could have generated as a result of allowing these marriages to occur in their state. I mean, with marriages, they require a license, which the couple has to pay for. This is a lot more money coming into the state offices and therefore, generating more wealth. 

I’m shocked that I live in one of the most intolerant countries that bases itself off of religious freedoms. Sadly, with the existence of separation of church and state, people seem to think that it’s alright for church to interfere with government anyways.

To each their own, I suppose.